Hafner Award to Dr. John Price

  • Published 1970 in Medical History


When we published in News and Notes of the October 1969 issue of Medical History the item about the Hafner Award (p. 393), we did not anticipate that the first award would go to the author of an article in the same issue of our journal. It is therefore with an added pleasure that we report the award of this prize of $200 to Dr. John Price for his paper on 'Dominique Anel and the small lachrymal syringe' (Medical History, 1969, 13, 340-354), and we offer Dr. Price our warmest congratulations. The prize is donated by the Hafner Publishing Company and is sponsored by the American Association for the History of Medicine and the Medical Library Association. It is awarded annually for 'a meritorious article on the history of medicine dealing with a single individual who has made a contribution of historical interest, the article being originally published in the English language during the previous calendar year.' The presentation was made at the annual meeting of the American Association for It is announced that the Rare Book and Conference Room in the new Medical Library of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia will be dedicated in honour of Dr. Richard Harrison Shryock, the distinguished medical historian and biblio-grapher. A brief, informal dedicatory ceremony was held in the Shryock Room on 17 June. used the Tower at Selimiye as their living quarters from 1854 to 1856, and laid the foundations of modern nursing in Istanbul. The new Nightingale Centre is a non-governmental organization planned in 1957 and officially established in 1956. With the cooperation of the Turkish Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, the Centre aims to raise the standard of nursing and public health in Turkey.


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