The high-temperature specific heat exponent of the 3-d Ising model


We have extended the high-temperature susceptibility series of the three-dimensional spin-1 2 Ising model to O(v 26). Analysis of the new series gives α = 0.101 ± 0.004. In an earlier paper [4] we gave series to order v 22 for the high-temperature expansion of the zero-field partition function of the 3-dimensional Ising model. More precisely, we gave the coefficients a n , n = 0, 22, defined by Z = 2[cosh(J/kT)] 3 Φ(v), with Φ(v) = n a n v n. The series were obtained by the finite-lattice method. One difficulty with the finite-lattice method for this problem is its voracious appetite for computer memory. Our earlier computation in fact calculated the series to two further terms-to order v 26-but due to addressing limitations, we were unable to retain the intermediate information. This particular calculation requires 2.08GB of memory, and we were unable to address more than 2GB, due to operating system limitations. We have now been able to rerun our 1


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